Fireglow Fire logs – Case of 15 Logs

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Best for: open fires, fire pits and Chimineas

Fireglow fire logs are an easy and convenient way to start up a fire. Providing upto 2 hours of burn time, it is suitable for use in open fireplaces, woodburning stoves, mulitfuel stoves and BBQ’s.

Fireglow fire logs are made with compressed sawdust and wax for a natural look. They are simple and safe to use with no mess or smoke, and easy to light – just light the corner of the pack and watch it burn. This firelog is the perfect choice for a cosy night in.

Sold in a case of 15 fire logs, with free delivery.

DEFRA approved and ready to use in smoke control areas.

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Instant Fireplace Ambiance – Fireglow Fire logs for Quick Lighting and Long Burning

This Fireglow instant lighting fire logs will bring cosy comfort to any occasion. Each log is easy to light, simply strike the match and the natural wood fibers ignite instantly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Once lit, it will burn for up to two hours, providing all the heat and ambience you need.

The fire log is made from renewable resources, including sawdust and wax, which means you’re helping reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Plus, the log is free from added chemicals and has a low moisture content, which ensures a longer burning time. This also means there’s no risk of sparks or splashes, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a clean and safe burn.

The log is perfect for cosy evenings in, relaxing with friends, and camping trips. And with no need to haul heavy logs or bags of coal, it’s the perfect accompaniment for entertaining in comfort and peace of mind. Just open the packaging and light the Fireglow fire log with a match – it’s so simple, and the effect is so inviting.

So, why not set the scene for the ultimate in lounge-room chillaxing with this Fireglow instant lighting fire log? Not only does it make your home look stylish and inviting, it also provides a practical, carbon-neutral solution to stay warm and keep cosy. Perfect for any occasion!

  • Eco-friendly and simple way of lighting your fire; Clean and simple to use
  • Fireglow Fire Logs provide up to 2 hours of warmth and light
  • Suitable for all open fires, fire pits and Chimineas
  • Made from compressed wax and sawdust; Environmentally-friendly
  • Not meant for barbecues or stoves; Not suitable for cooking food

10 reviews for Fireglow Fire logs – Case of 15 Logs

  1. Deeliweed

    Do Not Burn For 2 Hours
    These logs do not burn for 2 hours. I set a timer on two logs and the results came back very similar. as the logs burnt for 1hr16mins with a good flame. At 1hr 16mins the flame was just a slight flicker which had almost burnt through , I then broke the reaming log up which gave another three mins of high flame. That’s 1hr 19mins burn time. They do give of a reasonable amount of heat. I think Home fire logs are just a little better for size of log and burn time. Only at the moment Home fire logs have gone up to a high price. Given that i would recommend these logs until home fire logs come down in price. I also had to get them to light with a blow torch.

  2. Darren Wilks

    All good
    Exactly as on the tin

  3. Amazon Customer

    that it burns well
    easy to use and store no mess, just so quick to get a good fire

  4. Paul

    Never fails
    Good price

  5. blue

    Easy to use for a quick hour and half

  6. Frogs

    Not cheap but extremely useful
    We don’t use these for a fire on their own, but rather as very thorough fire lighters. If we are too tired (or lazy!) to start the fire properly, with paper and kindling etc, we use half of one of these and just put it on top of coal. It is generally a nuisance/almost impossible to try to light coals without a good degree of fire-ness. When our order of a box arrives, we cut them in half (two seconds with a saw) and keep them in a box next to the fire. They are then ready for whenever we need warmth, quickly, without fuss or heading out into the rain. If they were cheaper – say 50p per log – I would probably never bother with kindling etc again.

  7. Customer

    Best logs! Fabulous Customer Service!
    These logs are great and do what they should ( burn nicely and last a couple of hour’s, sometimes more! I’m more impressed with the staff, I approached them asking them for a quick delivery as my heating system failed, I only had my log burner for heat source, and low and behold they arrived in 2 days, I have ordered before from the same company. Thank you so much for helping me out at short notice as I avoiding the shops due to Covid19..
    I highly recommend this business for outstanding Customer service.

  8. Sue

    Do not last 2 hours at full strength
    These claim to burn for two hours – they burn well for about 1.25 hours and then substantially decrease in strength after that – the heat produced decreases in line with the time they have been burning. These logs are not not completely smokeless but def less smoke than burning logs – they don’t make your eyes water.

  9. Mike

    Great price for the amount you get, however they are far from smokeless and the flames are absolutely massive with only one log! On the plus side when the smoke dies down it really does keep you warm, however only lasted for about an hour unfortunately and then went out. But when you work out the price for each log you cant complain on cost!

  10. anniek

    Great ‘go to’
    We have a real coal fire, but sometimes, you don’t want to go to the bother of lighting a full fire. These logs are perfect just to take the chill off the room/house. They are perfect for first thing in the morning if you are going out and don’t want to leave a full fire in the grate. My sons discovered them in the firelog basket and have been using them in their fire pit in the garden too !!

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