Hi I’m Murray

I started the smokeless coal website to help people who live in smoke control areas find the best smokeless fuels and reduce the environmental impact of their home fires. As a lover of a home fire and a long-time advocate for reducing air pollution in cities and towns, I felt a responsibility to help people who live in smoke control areas, where burning solid fuels such as coal or wood is not allowed. By providing information about smokeless fuels and where to purchase them, I hope to make it easier for people to switch to clean, smokeless fuels and reduce their air pollution emissions.

I am passionate about environmental protection and believe that everyone should do their part to reduce their impact on the environment. Through the smokeless coal website, I want to make it easier for people to make the switch to smokeless fuels, which can help reduce air pollution and improve public health. In addition to providing information about smokeless fuels, I offer an online shop where people can find and purchase a collection of DEFRA approved smokeless fuels.

We offer free home delivery to our customers for our bags of smokeless coal and heat logs to provide a more convenient and comfortable shopping experience. From my own personal experience, carrying heavy bags of coal can be difficult and can cause back pain, especially if you need to lug a few bags from your car to your home. With free delivery, you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy bags and you can avoid getting your car and clothes dirty! We strive to make sure our customers have an easy and stress-free shopping experience.

Thank you for choosing us – the online store that helps you keep your home warm and cosy without the smoke.

Murray Price - Smokelss Fuels Advocate