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Our collection of Natural Firelighters and Kiln Dried Kindling is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an easy and eco-friendly way to get their fire roaring.

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    Natural Firelighters

    The Log Barn Natural Firelighters are the perfect eco-friendly solution for starting a fire.

    Each box contains 200 natural firelighters made from wood wool and wax, with no smell and fast lighting.

    They burn for up to 10 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get your fire going, and they are easy to light so you can get your fire burning quickly and safely.

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    Certainly Wood Kindling

    Our Certainly Wood Kindling is the perfect way to fire up your open fire, stove or firepit. Each box contains between 110 – 120 kindling sticks, kiln dried to below 12% moisture for more heat and smokeless fires.

    You only need 4-6 sticks per fire when used with a natural firelighter, making it a great value and easy to use product. Certified as part of the UK’s Clean Air Strategy and has a Ready to Burn Accreditation, our kindling sticks come in boxes with a lid so you can close the box after use and stack several boxes on top of each other.

    Buy in 1, 4 or 8 box quantities with free delivery and get your fire roaring quickly and easily with Certainly Wood Kindling.

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    Home Fire Safety Lighters

    The KING KARAN® Pack of 3 Refillable Safety Lighters is the perfect solution for your home fireplace lighting needs. These lighters are made of a durable metal body and feature a large fuel chamber for long-lasting use.

    The safety mechanism ensures that the flame is completely extinguished when the lighter is not in use, eliminating the risk of accidental fires. The ergonomic design allows for easy use and the included refillable fuel canister ensures that you’ll never run out.

    Make your home lighting simpler and safer with the KING KARAN® Pack of 3 Refillable Safety Lighters.


The Easiest Way to Start a Fire: Natural Firelighters + Kiln Dried Kindling

Natural firelighting is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people seek out eco-friendly ways to light their fire. Our collection of natural firelighters and kiln dried kndling are made with renewable, sustainable and natural materials making them safe to use in your home fireplace or stove without any risk of toxins or hazardous chemicals.

Our natural firelighters are easy to light and will quickly ignite any type of fuel, including smokeless coal and heat logs. They are made with non-toxic materials that are both safe and renewable, so you can be assured of a clean and eco-friendly way to light your fire, keeping your home warm and toasty.

The natural firelighters and kindling come in a range of different quantities, so you can make sure you are stocked up for the long winter months. They are also suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, making them a great choice for garden BBQ and fire pits as well as for your home.

Our natural firelighters and kiln dried kindling are also designed to be highly efficient, so you can get the most out of your fuel. They are designed to burn for longer than traditional firelighters, so you can save money on fuel costs.

The natural firelighters are also designed to be extremely easy to use. Simply light the end of the firelighter and then cover with the kiln dried kindling, and you’ll have a clean, eco-friendly flame in no time.

Our natural firelighters and kiln dried kindling are a great way to enjoy the warm and comforting glow of a fire without any of the associated toxins or hazardous chemicals. They are easy to light, highly efficient, and come in a range of quantities to suit your needs. Plus, they are a great way to help reduce your environmental impact and save money on fuel costs.

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