Brazier Smokeless Coal 20Kg

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Best for: economy multi purpose smokeless fuel

Brazier Smokeless Coal is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a clean burning and efficient way to heat their home on a budget!

Made with a special blend of premium anthracite and bituminous coal, which provides a consistent and reliable heat source.

Brazier smokeless coal is also easy to light and creates a longer, hotter, and more efficient fire. Also low in ash and helps to reduce overall emissions. With Brazier Smokeless Coal, you can enjoy a warm and inviting home fire without the worry of smoke or emissions.

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Brazier Economy Multi Fuel Smokeless Coal for Home Fires and Stoves

The Brazier Multi Fuel Smokeless Coal is the ideal choice for home fires and stoves. It is a smokeless coal that provides exceptional heat, performance and economy. The use of this coal helps to reduce the amount of smoke released into the atmosphere while burning, making it the perfect choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.

This fuel is suitable for use in open fires and multi-fuel stoves, providing a clean, efficient and cheap source of heat. The Brazier Multi Fuel Smokeless Coal has a high heat output and medium ash content, releasing heat evenly and quickly without the need to continually stoke the fire. This coal also produces a low level of smoke and fumes, so it is suitable for use in smoke control areas.

The Brazier Multi Fuel Smokeless Coal is easy to light, with a long and consistent burning time. This ensures that the user gets maximum heat output for the minimum amount of fuel used. This coal is also suitable for use in closed appliances such as cookers, boilers and room heaters. The Brazier Multi Fuel Smokeless Coal is a cost-effective and efficient choice for home heating.

  • DEFRA approved and ready to burn in smoke control areas
  • Delivers heat that is sustained, even, and controllable
  • Lasts unto 40% longer than traditional coal

Product Specifications

Best For Economy multi purpose smokeless fuel
Defra Approved for Smoke Control Areas Yes
Ash Content Medium
Smoke Emissions Less than 5g per hour
CO2 Saving 20 Percent
Renewable Content 15 Percent
Instant Light No (checkout our range of natural firelighters)

9 reviews for Brazier Smokeless Coal 20Kg

  1. S. Jamie

    Decent quality but nothing special
    I bought this bag of branded smokeless fuel (and Brazier/Homefire seem to be fairly well-known) to compare with Aldi’s cheaper version. To be honest, I haven’t noticed a lot of difference (if any) but the price of the Brazier branded fuel is significantly higher. So whilst the fuel definitely does what it should, stays alight for a long time and kicks out a lot of heat (hence the four stars) it loses out on value because cheaper equivalent fuel is easily available.

  2. Mrs P Higgins

    Smokeless coal

  3. Mrs. A. Barrett

    Used in our log burner, difficult in obtaining locally. Arrived on time.

  4. Andy

    Burns smokeless but not much flame
    If you use this in conjunction with wood you can keep a nice warm fire going for ages, on its own however it soon becomes a very dull glow (leaving half burned coal)

  5. Johnno58

    Quick and easy delivery
    Good price and quick delivery, thank you.

  6. Kindle Customer

    very pleased

  7. Mr. C. Evans

    Soaking wet
    This is a very useful product for people with open fires. However the coals are often soaking wet which makes them difficult to light.

  8. Amazon Customer

    How did it burn
    I’m using my fire to reduce the use of gas. This product, different to the one I normally use, was just as satisfactory in keeping the fire lit overnight

  9. Sam Roberts

    Great product, please read review for info
    Sorry this is a long review just wanted to address everythingeverything!
    So I was a little concerned when reading the reviews about the product being quite smokey, smelling bad and not burning too hot. We have a log fire and were going through tons of wood a night (maybe 12 pieces). I didn’t really want to buy coal as I know it creates more ash and also requires your chimney to be swept regularly.
    I took the plunge and bought a bag and I absolutely love it. We’ve used maybe 1/3rd of a bag in over a week. It doesn’t spit like wood does, because the coal creates heat from the embers rather than a flame we’ve found that if we leave our log fire door open slightly with a fire guard it let’s in a huge amount of heat. You can also keep the door closed which generates enough heat. We like to open the door so it heats up 3 rooms (and that’s barely using any coal)
    To light I place 4 lit firelighters on the Base, add kindling and 1 piece of wood. Wait for that to burn hot and add about 10 pieces of coal. After about an hour I’ll then add a scoop of coal and that will last all day, so for an evening I’d say maybe half of that would be sufficient.
    Regarding the smoke, when you first place it in the coating causes smoke, it doesn’t "smoke out" the house we just leave the door closed. The smoke only lasts maybe 3 mins or so. Wood also causes a small amount of smoke and so do heat logs. In comparison to old fashioned coal it generates barely any smoke. And comparing it to logs and heat logs I would say it doesn’t generate any more than they do. The trick being add about 10 pieces to begin with then add more after an hour. You wouldn’t just shove 15 logs on a fire and expect it not to smoke… This is no different.
    After about an hour or two when the coal has turned ember we open the door and it heats up our whole living room, kitchen and hallway. You can always add a log or two for flames and additional heat. As you can see from the pic our log fire is quite small
    I’ve bought another bag which will probably last about 3-4 weeks.
    Thanks guys, great product!

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