Homefire Smokeless Ecoal 20kg

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£26.95 (£1.35 / kg)

Best for: multi-fuel for stoves and open fires

Introducing Homefire Ecoal – the perfect solution for keeping your home warm and cosy this winter!

This cleaner-burning smokeless fuel is an economical and efficient way to heat your home. With less CO2 emissions and excellent heat output, Homefire Ecoal is perfect for multi-fuel stoves and open fires.

Enjoy hassle-free heating with the peace of mind that you’re doing your part to reduce air pollution.

DEFRA approved and ready to burn in smoke control areas.

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Burning Homefire Ecoal not only offers an economical solution but also a much greener one

Homefire Ecoal produces less smoke and fewer carbon dioxide emissions than other traditional fuels, DEFRA approved and ready to use in smoke control areas. It is also easy to light and long-lasting, providing hours of warmth and comfort. Homefire Ecoal is a great alternative to burning coal or wood, as it does not require trees to be chopped down for fuel. Instead, it is made from crushed olive stones, a natural waste product from olive oil production, which is replenished every year. Not only does this reduce the environmental impact of using traditional fuels, but it also helps to support the local economy.

Homefire Ecoal is an ideal fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves, providing excellent heat output and attractive flames. Its larger hexagonal shape (75 x 40mm) promotes airflow and helps to create a sustained burn, which can work out more economical than burning house coal or kiln-dried firewood. Ecoal is also clean-burning, smokeless, and eco-friendly, with a low ash content. With its high heat output, Homefire Ecoal is the perfect choice for a cosy, efficient fire.

  • DEFRA approved and ready to use in smoke control areas
  • Burns with an attractive flame giving a great ambience
  • Manufactured from crushed olive stones
  • Lasts longer, making it more cost-effective than house coal and kiln-dried logs
  • Releases up to 80% less smoke than traditional house coal and upto 50% less than kiln-dried logs
  • Releases up to 40% less carbon dioxide than house coal

10 reviews for Homefire Smokeless Ecoal 20kg

  1. janice cox

    good item
    It was a very good buy, ran out if usual and this was a quick and easy purchase

  2. Alexander (London)

    Don’t Expect Flames
    I suppose that technically these are flammable, but don’t expect actual flames (like on the bag/photos).

    This is coal, and has to be lit with something else that properly burns first, after which these will smoulder a little bit, giving off heat. No cheerful blaze, no fitful flames, just a bit of red under the (plentiful) ash.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Hard to light, once going they are great and last!
    These coals can be very tricky to light, I have been lighting fires all my life most nights and I struggle sometimes to get these going. PERSEVERE!

    My suggestion is to you use plenty of newspaper as a base, then a healthy dose of kindling, then two logs with a slight space in the middle. Once the kindling has a good heart going, place the coals in the middle and be generous with air flow (don’t shut the stove down to early!) basically you want to burn up all the wood until the coals are red. Once they are you have won! You can continue to add the coals from this point and the fire will burn as long us you want it.

  4. Scottish

    Does what it says on the bag
    Does what it says on bag. Highly recommend

  5. Etam St Clair

    Far to expensive
    I’m 64 living alone and wasn’t really sure about how big this bag of coal was. So thinking it must be more than one bag or it’s a huge bag was very upset it wasn’t
    For the price of this one bag I should have bought 4 bags of the same coal at the end of my road in the petrol station

  6. snowscreen

    It is ok but very expensive, possibly cheaper to use your boiler.

  7. rachel wall

    Warm long lasting
    This stuff is totally Awesome! Easy to light, heat output exceeds the only house coal option locally from the coal merchant (smoke free zone). One small bucket lasts all night! No brainer if you’ve an open fire and want to save on heating costs. Love it!!

  8. diggleley

    Great heat and long lasting
    We bought this bag to try in our multi fuel stove. Previously, we had only burned wood but this is much longer lasting. Gives off great heat too.

  9. Mr D Foster

    Smokeless coal
    Not bad but not a lot different to the warmth from logs

  10. lesley

    I like homefire
    But the advertisement says 20k bags 24.99( packs of 50)?

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