Flamefast Firelogs – Case of 12 Logs

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Best for: long lasting fires, one case = upto 24hrs burn time

The Flamefast Firelogs are instant lighting and the perfect solution for a mess-free, instant fire burning experience!

Made of compressed hardwood and wax, these logs are quick and easy to ignite, without the need for fire starters. Get up to 2 hours of worry-free burning time from each log.

With each order, you will receive a set of 12 logs, providing plenty of fuel for a special gathering or a cold winter’s night. Clean and odourless, these logs will help to keep your home warm and comfortable without the mess and fuss of traditional firewood.

Sold in a case of 12 firelogs, with free delivery.

DEFRA approved and ready to use in smoke control areas.

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Flamefast Firelogs: A Reliable Way to Enjoy 24 Hours Worth of Cosy Fires

Flamefast Firelogs are the perfect option for a cosy and warm evening in front of the fireplace. Flamefast Firelogs are specially designed to provide up to two hours of burning comfort. They are Defra approved for smoke control areas so ideal for you if you live in one of these areas and are looking for a smokeless fuel for your home fire.

The Flamefast Instant Lighting Firelogs features a unique blend of eco-friendly and recycled sawdust wood fibers. These fibers provide an intensely hot flame that will set cosy fire with ease. They are held together with a cleaner burning wax for a cleaner experience.

The Flamefast Firelogs are easy to light and requires no fuss. Simply light the top of the firelog, and it will burn for up to two hours. There’s no need to tend the fire or constantly check the logs. Those looking to recreate the look of natural logs will appreciate the detailed flame pattern, which emulates real wood and adds a touch of authenticity.

Flamefast Firelogs are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to hassle with storing and setting up logs, yet still wants to enjoy a relaxed evening in front of the fireplace. Coming in a pack of 12 logs, this would be enough for up to 24 hours of burning pleasure. Perfect for providing a warm atmosphere on a chilly winter night.

The Flamefast Firelog is a safe, easy and eco-friendly way to enjoy a cosy night indoors. If you’re looking for a no-hassle fireplace fire-building experience with consistent performance, the Flamefast Firelog is the perfect choice.

  • Burns for up to 2 hours
  • One case of 12 firelogs will last upto 24hrs
  • Ideal for open fires, fire pits, and Chimineas
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • Not suitable for barbecue grills or stoves
  • Not intended for heating food
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made from compressed wax and sawdust

10 reviews for Flamefast Firelogs – Case of 12 Logs

  1. Frank Hamilton

    Brilliant logs
    We are buying these logs for years for our camping and they are fantastic. We always cut them with an axe into 3 pieces and place them in our outdoor dragon burner. We don’t light the logs directly, but we use 2 natural eco wood firelighters inside the centre of the dragon burner and light the logs (split into 3) this way. Because you literarily can’t extinguish the eco firelighters once lit, they heat up the cut up logs and within 1 minute or so they start to burn.

    Each log once lit, burns about 2 hours, sometimes a bit longer if the weather is not windy. With wind each log would burn between 50 minutes to 90 minutes.

    For us these logs are absolutely essential for our camping, they create fantastic atmosphere inside our dragon burners.

  2. Gary Farrell

    Fantastic smoke free logs put two in and they lasted 4 hourd
    Brilliant product would definitely buy again

  3. Lynne

    Simple to light
    Great instant fire

  4. lyndi

    Easy to light
    Easy to light no smoke

  5. Taffia

    As described
    Product does burn for approx 2hrs, however I do find that it smokes the glass.

  6. Sarine Herselman

    Best product ever!
    Will keep buying this! Amazing

  7. Morag Barron

    Fire log
    Fast delivery excellent product. Will order again

  8. Jan l

    Fast despatch
    Burns well in wood burning stove

  9. Alan Hampstead

    Just a quick light and they’re away – flaming and provide heat and flames. I’ve even cut some up into small peices to help light my B.B.Q – very useful

  10. W Facey

    Love them for giving an instant Fire!
    A few minutes to,an impressive fire. Add a few logs and it lasts and lasts. Or burn Flamefast all day if you can afford it. Perhaps not this year!

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